Saturday, 1 February 2014

Crochet Creations {Baylie Bear Cowl}

I have a friend to "blame" for this creation.

Had she not shared it on my Timeline on Facebook, then I would have not been inspired to make it!

I will show it to you, then give you a run down of what I did, and how I found the pattern hooked up.

Cute, isn't it?!?

I did have one person comment that it looked abit like an Ewok! Cute, nonetheless! 

I made it for Abi, but I found it came up rather enormous. I did it in a "child's" size. It took less than 2 balls of yarn, and I used Patons Fab Big Yarn, in "Taupe", which is really "dark brown"!

It was on "3 for 2" in Hobbycraft, so worked out at less than £4 a ball.

I like using chunky yarn, because it comes up pretty quickly. It probably took me less than 2 hours to make this, over a few days/ 

I got the pattern on Etsy, but I think it's available a few places. 

This "child" size was from age 6-10, approximately. *I* could get it on, so I would say it's coming up larger than they say. I want to try another in the smaller size, and see how it works out. 

This is the yardage that it uses for each size....

Super bulky weight yarn 
(90 yards 3/6 months - 105 yards 6/12 months
- 130 yards 12/18 months - 180 yards toddler - 220 yards child - 300
yards adult)

I would also say that the number of rows that you do before making the "hood" part, could be reduced. It goes right over the shoulders of my children, which is a bit too much, in my opinion.

It should certainly keep them warm, as it is weighty enough to stay up over their heads, I think.

The pattern is pretty simply, and only use a foundation chain, a HTC (or HDC if you are in the USA!), and a TC decrease. (or DC decrease...). The pattern is in USA terminology, but i have told you it in the UK first, and USA in parenthesis.

It doesn't explain the decrease in the pattern, but you can find clear instructions here.

I did get a bit confused as to how it would work, but the thing to remember is NOT to slip stitch at the end of each round, when you begin the hood section. As you keep turning and going back again, it means you are left with a "gap" at the front, which becomes the area that you "look" through. You just have to do it to see how it works!

I should really have taken step by step pictures, and if I make another one, I will add them in here.

If you make it yourself, and have any questions, feel free to ask away in the comments below.

There are a few other yarns you could try - just make sure they are Super Chunky. The one thing you must check is the yardage of the ball. I used 200g balls, but they may come in 100g balls. Just check out the yardage when you look and buy, so you don't get caught out, and have too little yarn.

There is a nice selection at Wool Warehouse,  and Abakhan. (British stores)

I would recommend that you give it a whirl.

Right, mending and a crocheted gift that won't make itself, calls....


  1. Lovely pattern. I'm tempted to try the knitted version. All that I seem to knit now is dishcloths and I'm getting a bit bored with them!

  2. Really cute! Though I think I'll "reduce" the pattern a bit and use a less chunky yarn and try to make one for the baby in pink (I say baby but she's now five years old lol)

  3. I absolutely hated the seam in the cowl part. I started it and ripped it out about four times now. Any suggestions on making a less visible seam when joining chunky yarn in the rounds for this? Thanks!